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More Than Just a Gym


Being a member of Movimento BJJ &Fitness is about more than just life in the gym. We're proud to be an affiliate of Brasa International and thank our partners, across the country and around the world for their support.

Brasa International is led by Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros. Comprido is among the most accomplished practitioners of jiu jitsu today—a seven-time world champion and two-time open-weight world champion. He has trained, and trained with, some of the most notable fighters in the Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA arenas, including Brock Lesnar, André Galvão, and Caio Terra.


As a team, Brasa has won eight titles at the IBJJF Chicago International Open, the region's most respected tournament, and countless others in competitions around the world. Our affiliation allows Movimento's members the unique opportunity to train alongside some of the sport's most elite established and rising stars.

Professor Israel Reyes with Comprido Medeiros, leader of team Brasa
Training with team Brasa
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